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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news out of washington, where we are seeing something highly unusual. hope. republicans and democrats, inching toward a deal, possibly, to raise the debt ceiling before the deadline, now just two days away. but this situation is still very fragile, there are no guarantees. "gma" anchor and abc's chief political correspondent, george stephanopoulos, leading our coverage from washington, on this very big morning. crash landing, a flight from new york crashes into the south american country of guyana and breaks in two. miraculousus, evererne survived. we have the harrowing tales of those who escaped the wreckage. the other royal wedding. over in england, the queen's oldest granddaughter, marries her rugby-playing groom in an elegant, low-key ceremony.
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we've got all of the royal fashion, including what princess beatrice, she of the famous hat, wore this time. and drama dog, she's the playful pup who takes playing dead to a whole new level. why does she do this? we talked to her owner. >> announcer: from abc news, live from new york, this is "good morning america" with dan harris and bianna golodryga. and there it is. just two days to go. if the debt limit isn't raised by the time that clock hits zero on tuesday, now, remember, that's the day the u.s. treasury department says it n no longer borrow money to may the in addition's bill, then it could mean economic calamity for the entire country. now, after weeks of wrangling and false starts, abc news learned both sides are closing in on a tentative, and we stress tentative framework. >> that really is the key word this morning, tentative.
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the white house is still cautioning that there is no deal yet. also, we should point out that there are a lot of proposals discussed, that both sides will not like. nonetheless, there are real signs of progress this morning. we have abc news washington all-star team assembled to cover all of the angles, let's go straight to "gma" co-anchor and abc news chief political correspondent, george stephanopoulos who is in washington this morning leading our coverage. george, good morning you to. >> good morning, guys. this is high drama and high stakes here in the capital this morning. leaders on both sides of pennsylvania avenue right here were burning the midnight oil to beat this august 2nd deadline. as you said there, is some progress. but i have to stress. everyone i spoke to this morning. democrats and republicans, people on the capitol hill and in the white house say that is not a deal ready to be voted on yet. that it could still fall apart. success or failure is embedded in these all-important details. let's get right to jon carl who first breck this story, the
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story of a framework last night. jon, dan used the word at the top of the broadcast, the emphasis here is on "fragile." >> that's right. the details are still being worked out. you know how important the details are, and nobody has signed on the dotted line yet. but i am told congressional leaders will brief their membership on the framework of this tentative deal later this morning. >> majority leader. >> late last night, senate majority leader, harry reid called off a vote on the debt ceiling plan, citing progress towards a deal. >> i'm glad to see this move toward cooperation and compromise. i hope it bears fruit. >> reporter: congressional sources tell abc news that two sides have tentatively agreed to a framework that includes a debt ceiling increase of up to $2.4 trillion, enough to last through the presidential election. agreement on more than $1 trillionon ispending cuts in the next ten years and a new special congressional committee to recommend additional deficit
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reduction of more than a trillion dollars. if congress doesn't act on that committee's plan, automatic spending cuts will be imposed, including cuts to defense and medicare. those automatic cuts are designed to be painful to both sides, forcing congress to act on the committee's recommendations. tentative deal, capped a day of bitter acrimony on capitol hill. >> there is absolutely no excuse for this reckless unpatriotic behavior on the part of the republicans. >> let it be clear, with god as my witness, we will not compromise on our principles. >> this is a disgraceful moment, mr. dryer, a disgraceful moment. >> t t american people are looking for real solutions. >> reporter: now the question is whether rank and file members can accept a deal negotiated by their leadership. >> so let's bring the rest of our team. jon at the white house, bianna covering the markets in new york. jon, let me begin with you, it
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seems this tentative framework deal has a lot more support say in the senate an the house necessarily. >> that's right. republicans in the house will not like this idea of being forced to face the possibility of big defense cuts. george, there's a lot that can blow this up. the key thing is over the next several hours, when the framework of this deal is shared with membership on both sides, you could hear some very loud objections, both from liberal democrats and conservative republicans. >> and still some objections from the white house. let me bring in jake as well. last sunday, we were in a similar situation. seemed to be a deal negotiated on capitol hill. they went to the white house, it completely fell apart. the senators on both sides, democrats and republicans, seemed to be more bullish on in this morning than the white house. >> that's right. a senior white house official told me he thinks the odds are no better than 50/50 that something will be worked out. the trtrger for what happens if the roughly $2 trillion in new deficit reduction, those trigger, that's where the debate is over, that's where the fight
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is over. should they be automatic spending cuts. should they be across the board? how much defense, how much not defense? in those details lie the devil, and there is really no resolution to that as of now, george. >> that's right. meanwhile, we're coming up against these deadlines, bianna, you showed the clock at the beginning of the broadcast, only two days until we reach this default deadline. meanwhile also racing toward the other deadline. asian financial markets. open during the end of the day. today we've seen six straight days of the dow losing ground, and the concern here is even if we avoid default, whatever deal congress cuts could be act to america's aaa credit rating. >> that's right. i would keep my eye on s&p especially. this is the not $4 trillion they wanted to see in deficit reduction, on the one hand they want that increase. we would be getting that if this tentative deal does go through, but then again we may be kicking the can down the road to december. we may be buying time if we don't get that downgrade.
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but s&p is who to keep their eye on. >> christiane amanpour down stairs in the newseum. while the capital here is seized with this issue, we've seen all week long, americans getting more and more frustrated, the rest of the world watching this unfold in the capitol hill with some alarm. >> really, alarm and aghast, really from words of derision. if you like to severe worry all across the world. people are very concerned that this reaction will trigger potentially a global financial crisis not just confined to the united states but around the world. u.s. dollar is a central reserved currency and very concerned about the crash of the dollar and not being able to count on the u.s. dollar as that stable reserve currency. they say it will implicate u.s. leadership in all manner and shape. so they are very, very worried. as a reflection of that. senator john kerry on the floor last night basically said our rivals are laughing all of the way to the bank. >> he's the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee.
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christiane, thanks very much. i'm looking forward to joining you in just a bit on "this week." of course, your top guest, david plouffe and senator lindsey graham from south carolina. george, before we let you know, you know so much about washington. i want to hear your thoughts this morning. assuming this tentative framework that we're talking about this morning eventually passes, i know that's a big assumption. let's play this experiment for a moment. if it passes, will it be seen as a huge victory for republicans? >> it does depend on the details. look at the framework we look at right now. if this automatic cut, that would take place if congress can't come to some agreement on overall spending cuts and ways reduce the deficit does not include any revenue increases, and is all spending cuts, i think you'd have to consider it a big win for the republican party, a big win for house speaker john boehner and the republican leader, senate mitch mcconnell.
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who is really in the center of crafting this deal right now. wow have seen the entire third year of president obama's presidency dominated by the republican agenda after they took over congress this year. it's conceivable, if you're looking at 1.4 to $1.8 trillion in spending cuts from this deal in december, could put president obama's health care initiative at risk, that could put all of the investment agenda that he's been calling for at risk. some economists say if you're taking that much money out of the economy, it could also hamper economic recovery. that's all important to the president's re-election effort. >> right. although there's a question the president might be able to turn that around and blame it on the republicans. george, fascinating to have you on this morning. i know you'll have much more as the day continues. we appreciate that. let me remind viewers to each it on abc news as this story unfolds ththroughout the day. christiane amanpour will have more on "this week with
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christiane amanpour." george will be live tonight on "world news" with david muir. george will also be co-anchoring "good morning america" from washington and one final reminder, diane sawyer anchoring "world news" from washington tomorrow night as well. bianna, over to you. >> busy 24 hours but things are still fluid in washington. we want to turn to the miracle crash landing in south america. take a look at these images, the images of a caribbean airlines jet from new york, after i skidded off the runway and split in two in guyana. 160 people were on that flight, including two americans, incredibly everyone survived but how is what everyone is ask. lisa stark has the story from washington. quite a miracle, lisa. >> it is amazing. bianna, it was a mad scramble for safety after that jet barreled off the runway. amazingly everyone got out. for those on board, it was a terrifying landing.
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>> i sold told my friend, you know, man, we're going to die, we're going to die. >> reporter: the plane skidded off the end of the runway in rain and darkness. it split in two. >> it happened, suddenly everyone was screaming. >> reporter: passengers scrambled to get out. >> we had to jump out of the plane. >> reporter: amazingly, everyone survived. >> the plane practically broke in two. we should be very grateful for that. >> reporter: caribbean airline, flight 523, started at new york's jfk airport, stopped in trinidad, then on to guyana. it was1:30 in the morning and raining when the plane touched down, and kept going, through a fence and on to a road. >> first thing they look at, where it did they touchdown. was there water on the runway that would let them hydroplane on a thin film of water. >> reporter: another question, s pilot fatigue a factor with the boeing 737 landing in the wee hours of the morning.
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about 30 planes a year worldwide run off the side or the end of a runway, according to a study from the flight safety organization. most happen on landing. such as this accident in jamaica in 2009 are not fatal. the passengers on the caribbean airlines flight in guyana were indeed lucky. there was no fire, and the jet stopped just short of a 200-foot ravine. >> and another key question is did the pilots forget to open the flaps on the ends of the wings. that would have been critical for slowing the plane down on landing. it does appear from the pictures that those may not have been deployed. e black boxes have been recovered and the national transportation safety board is expected to head down to guyana today to help in this investigation. >> a lot of clues to look at. lisa stark, thank you very much for your reporting this morning. moving on to another big story this morning. there's a lot of hopeful speculation that two young americans imprisoned in iran
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can finally be set free very soon. these two young hikers who were arrested when they stay they mistakenly crossed in iran two years ago are set to appear in court in tehran today. abc's t.j. winick is here now with more. t.j., i understand some people are optimistic but not everybody. >> that's right. good morning. we know, according to o urces, the hearing is under way this morning but still no word as to their fate. there's been all sorts of mixed signals the past few days, everyone trying to read the tea leaves, will the two hikers be let go? sarah shourld rallied with the families of shane bauer and josh fatal. hoping to convince the government to set them free. sarah was forced to leave her two friends behind w wn released last year after being held captive for over 400 days. >> shane and josh are two innocent men, two compassionate, beautiful people.
8:14 am
if it wasn't for them i won't be standing here today. >> reporter: today's court date is the two-year anniversary of their arrest. it was thought to be a good omen. so is the muslim tradition of pardoning prisoners for the holy month of ramadan, which start this week. this gives us hope that the trial will be the end of this nightmare. but when no outside cameras were allowed in the courtroom this morning, that was thought to be a bad sign fatal, bauers and shourd insisted they were only hiking, not spying in a scener area in iraq near the iranian border. their r thers were allowed to visit the prisoners in iran over a year ago. last september, shourd was released for humanitariaian reasons so she could be treated for a lump in her breast. >> and i stand before you today only one-third free. >> reporter: bauer had proposed
8:15 am
to shourd in jail, having woven together a ring, she showed off on "good morning america" last year. >> yeah, i'm still wearing it. it's red and white string from his t-shirt. >> in fact, in prison, sarah and shane used to talk about their wedding as something to keep their spirits up. what the dress would look like, what kind of food they'll serve. but dan and bianna, as for this morning's hearing, we know it's going on, but still no word as to the fate of those ikers. >> thank you. we appreciate it. let's turn to ron claiborne for the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. the syrian army is working as antigovernmeme pro testifies is what they call a massacre. residents are throwing fire bombs and stones at tanks as the government steps up the crackdown ahead of the holy month of ramadan which begins tomorrow. and a change at the cia station in pakistan could improve relations with that country.
8:16 am
the top cia official is leaving for medical reasons. he had extremely tense relationship and departure could hehe. back in this country, two small planes collided in alaska. and four people were killed. one crashed and killed everyone on board and somehow the other one, the float plane managed to land safely despite significant damage. and in ohio, two pilots were killed when a replica of the wright brothers biplane crashed. both pilots had experience which was built to modern standards. and finally, forget traditional red and black cars. one buyer in michigan got a one of a kind color. or kind of a noncolor. it's transparent, 1939 pontiac ghost car, it's called, sold for $308,000. it was built with a flplexiglas body and built for the 1938 world's fair. it only has 100 miles on it. 72-year-old car.
8:17 am
>> it's almost a naked car. it's weird. >> weird. >> ron, thank you. let's check the weather. casey curry, from our station in houston,n, see we're looking at the dreaded return of the weather term heat dome. >> you got it. really, for much of the country, we never got rid of it. but it will expand later this week. the bull's-eye of the heat dome is going to be right across the southern plains, areas like dallas, back in the triple digits today. today is the 30th day in a row of 100-degree plus temperatures and heat expands later spreading back into the mid-atlantic. we'll continue to watch the heat across much of the country, but severe weather also a big story, especially across the northern plains. the same location that saw rough weather yesterday. >> good morning. it's a warm start to the last day of july. could go into record books as the hottest day in history.
8:18 am
humidity was comfortable. down to the south, we have showers where that front is today. no rain for us. temperatures in the low to mid 90 90's. maybe a shower tomorrow and back to you, bianna. >> casey, i notice a cool front in our home town of houston. 97 degrees. not so bad. >> it's all relative, right? >> that is true. thank you. >> william and kate are no longer britain's newest royal new le weds. zara phillips married mike tyndall in scotland yesterday. it was a royal wedding with a queen and rest of the family in attendance. it was a decidedly low-key affair compared to william and kate's wedding. here's lama hasan. >> reporter: bride looked radiant in a glistening tiara borrowed from her mother. the groom looked dapper, in a pin-stripe suit.
8:19 am
far from their casual atie. on their wedding day, they were beaming, calm and collected. by the way, he was five minutes early. the queen's oldest granddaughter, zara was 5 minutes late. but who's counting. he and hubby, mike. a rugby sports star sealed their marriage with a kiss. and wowed the crowd. okay, it wasn't quite like that other kiss on that balcony, that's because these newlyweds don't like the spotlight. their wedding was so private. that buckingham palace only released a few details. but the 1500 well-wishers lining the streets, some camped overnight were not disispointed. they got to cheer all of the members of the royal family. the bride's mother in a fetching flowery ensemble. followed by her brother prince charles and duchess of cornwall, who was wearing a mint green suit, complete with a matching fascinator, and finally, the couple the crowd really wanted to see, william and catherine. the queen was the last guest to
8:20 am
arrive before the bride made her royal entrance. there were no really scary hats. well, there was one, princess beatrice's choice, it didn't make a splash like that other creation that even had its own facebook page. no frightening outfits just a low key affair, followed by the reception at zara's grandma's, official residence in scotland, which, of course is a palace. not bad for a low-key event. not bad. rm ma hasan. >> did you hear the cheers when william and kate arrived? >> it can be a royal wedding if there's no frightening outfits? >> i don't know. i think everything got off okay. >> yes, everybody looked great. coming up new developments in a very serious story this morning. the search for an 11-year-old girl in new hampshire who simply vanished. what the fbi is doing now and whether will help. plus the god squad gets revved up about the baptist past
8:21 am
pastor's rare that was straight out of the comedy "talladega nights," thanking god for his smokin' hohowife did he go to far? >> we'll explore the outer limits of a mammal's maternal instincts. how did this unlikely pair end up together? that's coming up in a segment called "fixation." >> odd couple. [ dave ] take any surface and place it between the earth's crust and my feet
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he took the family on thursday night and drove them to an atm and forced them to withdraw cash and took off. if you recognize him, please call police. >> yesterday, a classic summer day. made it up to 97. it's already 83 downtown. for us, high pressure. lots of sunshine today. look for temperatures 92 and 96. tomorrow, look for showers and thunderstorms. it looks like we'll stay in the 90's all week long. >>
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♪ you know, i have watched this video now, about 45 times. every time i watch it. look at that. the dog pre sends to play dead, then gets up and runs around. every time i watch this, it makes me laugh hysterically. look at him. this dog is an incredible actor. this video got tens of thousand of hits. we've spoken to the owner. we'll tell you what she had to say coming up. first let me say good morning, america, i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga, it is sunday, july 31st. do you know how many times i wanted to play dead, dan? >> what is that supposed to mean? >> this morning, we have our god squad team, the prayer some said
8:31 am
in a nascar race, we'll tell what he said and see what they say about it. >> he thanked god for his smokin' hot wife. he did a lot of product placement. some people say it was funny. >> and we get to the top story. there's a tentative framework and we stress tentative between republicans and democrats that could lead to a deal on the debt ceiling deadline in just two days. this story is changing by the minute. we want to go to our senior political correspondent, jonathan karl with the latest. good morning, jon. >> good morning. the details are still being worked out and nobody has signed on the dotted line yet. they still need to see i if it t fly with the membership, but they decided on this, a debt ceiling increase of 4 tonight $4 trillion. that's enough to get the president past the next presidential election. there's immediate cuts agreed to. of $1 trillion. then a committee is established. a special congressional committee, that would recommend cuts of a trillion dollars more.
8:32 am
the key thing with that committee, bianna, if congress did not act on those recommendations, there would be automatic spending cuts that would take place that would be uncomfortable for both sides. again, details still being worked out. not final yet. but that's the framework that's emerging. >> at least there's a framework they are dealing with. dan said earlier in the show, something, some sign of hope in washington this morning. all right. thank you. dan. >> still fragile but some signs of hope. and now we move to that missing 11-year-old girl in that tiny town in new hampshire. the fbi is offering a $20,000 award for any information that leads to the location of celina cass. she's been missing since monday and abc's ron dclaiborne has ben covering the story all week long. >> dan, in addition to the $20,000 the fbi is offering, a local resident anonymously offered $5,000 for information leading to celina's whereabouts. hoping it leads to a clue,
8:33 am
location, any information that helps find celina. but so far, nothing. it's as if she had disappeared without a trace. in and around this small town, the search is intensifying. the police are focusing that search on bodies of water but deny they've given up hope celina will be found alive. >> we will not leave any stone unturned. we have to look in bodies of water, as well as in land areas. >> reporter: the state of new hampshire now asked for more help from neighboring states, more man power, more equipment. now this, a reward being offered, $25,000 from the fbi and additional $5,000 from a private indididual for any information that helps find the 11-year-old girl. >> it also could be true they just don't have any viable leads as to what happen or where celina might be. and they're hoping the reward money will bring someone forward. >> reporter: police already received hundreds of tips from across the country but so far, no real answers. what we do know, at 9:00, last monday night.
8:34 am
celina's parents saw her in her bedroom. she was on her computer. tuesday morning they realized she was gone. no sign of forced entry, no sign of a struggle. at tt time police were alerted. within hours they launched a full-scale search. authorities say they planned to question everyone in west stewartstown but celina gone for nearly a week, experts say the trail may be going cold. >> if someone lured her away from the house, the odds of something happening is really high. >> reporter: the family was asked to leave their home. if was cordoned off so they could search for more clues, but on saturday, t ty were let back in. and celina's family has yet to say anything publicly. law enforcement officials advised them not to which is unusual in missing persons cases. thoughghhe mother and stepfather attend the individuals, the local residents say they'll hold every night until celina is found. >> such a story in that small
8:35 am
town. it will be interesting to see if that story leads to any development. ron, don't go anywhere. we will go right back you to for the headlines. >> i was about to leave. i'll stick around. i have some new force you. bianna, hi, again. in the news, the country's highest ranking military officer is in afghanistan promoting president obama's order to withdraw troops. admiral mike mullin said drawing down the troops can be done without risk. and the first trees donated by the september 11th memorial have been planted where flight 93 crashed in pennsylvania. all 40 trees will be planted, one for each victim on that flight. a mississippi man, this is a weird one. was arrested for letting his 8-year-old son drive, while he, the father, was asleep, allegedly drunk in the passenger seat. state troopers were called when they saw the pickup driving air radically. the man's 4-year-old daughter was also in the car. >> and finally, some penguins at the san francisco zoo have
8:36 am
rejojoed their colony after graduating from fish school, fish school. the penguins spent the past month learning how to swim and interact with people. it's time for the weather and casey curry from the abc 13 station in houston, casey. >> good morning, ron. we'll talk quickly about the tropics. yesterday it was about tropical storm don. don is gone, but we're checking the next tropical wave in the atlantic. hurricane hunters will fly into it. we may have emily on our hands in puerto rico later this week. we're continuing to watch the record heat in the deep south and across the plains, but across the west, monsoonal moisture means more flooding and even possibly rain in l.a.
8:37 am
this weather report has been brought you to by volkswagen, bianna and dan. >> casey, thank you, coming up on "good morning america's", god, atheists and ground zero. what do they have in common? we'll talk to our god squad about that. plus, what on earth are these people doing, and how are they doing it? look at that. we'll tell you what's going on here, coming up in the segment we call "fixation." call "fixation." [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today.
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♪ what if god was one of us if you've been a "gma" viewer for a long time. i hope you have been. you may remember, we used to do a segment calleded "t"the god squad." where we look at the news through the lens of faith. and we're bringing it back. appropriately enough we're calling it "the new god squad." and we have father beck, the host of sunday mass on abc family and rabbi from the sigh sanai temple in los angeles. let me start with what's called the ground zero cross. this say pair of steal beams in
8:41 am
the form of a cross found in the wrececge of the world trade center. the group of atheists filed a lawsuit saying this cross should not be part of the ground zero memorial. what do you think of that, father beck, let me start with you? >> i think those cross beams are more than a religious symbol. they rose from the ashes like a phoenix, this pit of destruction. i think they have every right to be there. it won't be the only religious symbol there. they will have a star of david forged from the metal, a prayer shaul donated by a jewish family. >> but their argument. this is government property. it amounts to the government pushing one religion. >> i understand that there's a principle here, but it's kind of an aggressive and unpleasant use of principle. because, among other things, ground zero is a graveyard, and, you know, it's almost like when you go to a military cemetery, you see crosses row on row, there's no reason why the people who died there, shouldn't have their graves marked by a religious symbol and we
8:42 am
shouldn't remember this is part of who we are. >> let me ask but another controversy involving atheists. atheists also brought a lawsuit against the governor of texas, rick perry who is now being talked about as presidential candidate. governor perry is holding, organizing a christian prayer rally next weekend in texas. atheists failed in their attempt to get him to be bar from doing so. what do you think of the idea of a governor holding a christian prayer rally? >> i'm not sure it should be illegal. i don't know whether the suit should have been successful. but i think, i certainly have an objection to identification as a christian prayer rally, as opposed to a prayer rally. if it was a prayer ray, it's no different than the president having national prayer day. for all of those who aren't christian to feel the governor is sponsoring something that ideologically specifically excludes them is, for me, as not a member of the christian faith that's a problem at best. >> father beck. >> i think it dangerously skirts
8:43 am
the line of separation of church and state. exactly for this reason, it's not interfaith. there's rather extreme people he's having speak at this. one of the ministers called the roman catholic church a whore, a babylon. said hitler is part of god's divine plan. you have extremists speaking at this rally to the exclusion of everybody else. i think it's problematic. >> before we wrap up, a much lighter question. some call the following sermon hilarious, some called it blasphemous. this was before a nascar race recently, take a l lten. >> lord, i want to thank you for my smokin' hot wife tonight, lisa and my two children, eli and emma. as we like to call them the little "e"s. lord, i pray you bless the drivers tonight, may they put on a performance worthy of this great ride. in jesus name, boogity, boogity, boogity, amen. >> people were laughing, a lot
8:44 am
of people thought this is funny. but this is a prayer that included a sexy shout-out to his wife, and we didn't include this, had some product placement in it. what are your thoughts? let me start with you? >> i think it was great. it wasn't bringing god to that event. it's accessing with people, able to access god. and i thought, he knew that the words are for us, not for god. i think he did it perfectly. he knew his audience and played to it. >> rabbi? >> first of all, there's nothing wrong with praising god's beauty that god creates in the world, including people. i just remind you, that the first commandment in the bible is be fruitful and multiply. it seems to me he was right in that groove. >> but the bible also says when you're praying, you should not bring attention to yourself. >> he wasn't bringing -- i suppose he was bringing attention to himself. but trying to direct it to other things as the father said. >> he certainly got a lot after tension.
8:45 am
>> really, he directed it. smokin' hot god. god created a beautiful human being and he's grateful. >> gentlemen, fascinating to have both of you on. i know we'll do a lot more in the future. i look forward to it. >> thank you. >> coming up on "gma" this sunday morning. a much lighter topic, the doggy drama queen. we'll tell you more about this incredible canine actor, from the divine to the also kind of divine. akthan two. less and that's how sharing works. cause sharing means caring. and caring means sharing. and sharing means caring.♪ ♪ and that's how sharing works.♪ vo: bk minis are easy to share, ♪and that's'sow sharing works. vo: but that doesn't mean they're easy to share. ♪and that's how sharing works. get yours at burger king, before someone else does.
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you never know who you'll run into. get started at ♪ oh, it's time for our favorite new segment. "fixation." you know what fixation is. it's all about the stories, images and videos that caught our attention this week. and, dan. >> i'm first up. >> you can get away with
8:49 am
everything at an apple store. >> i didn't know at an apple stste, they pretty much let you do what you want. there's pictures of people dancing. there's a comedian who wanted to test as far as he can go. his name is mark. he did a series of experiments. let me show you the first one. he went to the second floor and orred a pizza to have it delivered and sure enough, he got a pizza and it was all fine. the secoco thing he did. he and his wife held a romantic dinner with a waiter and mariachi band in that store and did not get kicked out. and the guy, by the way, was playing "the godfather" theme. so you know. and the final gamut, people have been been bringing pets into the store. this guy decided to bring a goat. >> no one even -- >> the store employees were totally cool about it. the goat wasn't so cool. at one point, the comedian asked whether they think he's a pc or a mac.
8:50 am
>> probably a mac. >> i have something called leisure diving. this is a website created by some friends here in new york city that took photos of their friends, diving into water, chilling out as they go flying through the air. look at this. the idea is you are supposed to catch the other person's snapshot, at the highest point with their hip has parallel to the water, looking relaxed and chilled. >> you don't know this, ron, but we actually found one of these of you. i don't know if you're aware of it. >> you found that one? >> yeah, we found that. >> i look pretty relaxed there. >> so, from laughter, let's go to that "ah" moment. that's what everyone will say after they see this picture. take a look. a chimp feeding a baby tiger. a 2-year-old chimp and a 2-month-old tiger, bottle feeding in a zoo in thailand.
8:51 am
>> that's not computer graphic? >> no. >> can we make ron do that? >> we will. >> that is very, very cute. that's really cool. and casey, you have another animal -- first time i saw this, i laughed out loud. it is my favorite thing. there's this dog named rosie, who is very playful. loves to play with her other friends, lives on 35 acres. the owner said she's super fun. the other dog standing still, harassed is boozier. now watch what happened. don't worry, don't worry. the other dog is like, really, rosie, really? get up, get up. back to playing again. >> does she do this all of the time? >> apparently she's a huge drama queen. >> we spoke to her owner and her owner said she's the low dog on the totum pole, there's six dogs that live on the huge 35-acre land base. and is always causing a ruckus. >> she deserves an oscar for that. >> isn't that amazing? >> i never saw a dog behave so --
8:52 am
>> i taught my dog, bang, you're dead but that's different than doing it on your own. >> fascinating? >> you shot a dog? >> oh, ron. >> come on. >> making it, you know -- >> we need the god squad back here. >> let me say, if you have a story, video or picture that you can't get enough of. send it to our website, or tweet us at "gma" and we will be right back. ♪ ever you go. it's a cloud of depression. and although you've been on antidepressant for at least six weeks, you're frustrated that your depressive symptoms are still with you. seroquel xr, when added to an antidepressant, is approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder. for many, taking seroquel xr with an antidepressant was proven more effective for treating unresolved symptoms of depression than an antidepressant alone. call your doctor if you have unusual changes in mood,
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it's going to be a busy moment on "this week with christiane amanpour." obviously, "world news," george stephanopoulos will be on both shows. also in d.c., we'll have a couple of busy days in washington. good by, guys. there's our dog. >> good morning. it's 8:56. in the news, fairfax need your help finding a man who abducted an entire family. he drove them to an atm, forced them to withdraw cash and took off.
8:57 am
if you recognize him, please call police. police have found a car belonging to the missing virginia teacher who disappeared last month after learning his teacher contract would not be renewed. they found his car in a garage and they think it has been there since june 17. if you are taking the metro today, expect delayed. trains are sharing a single track. add 20-30 minutes to your travel time. now a check on our forecast. >> another hot start to a hot day ending what was likely going to be the hottest month in washington history. 97 yesterday the high. we didn't hit triple digits. came close in friend rick where they hit 99. for us we have high pressure
8:58 am
dominating. the dew point dropped into the 50's. a bit more humid but not all that oppressive. 90 to 96 degrees. that will be 14 90 degree days in a row. all week long, temperatures in the 90's. if it's 90 everyday, that would be 20 in a row. wow. thank you for watching. we hope you have a great day.
8:59 am
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